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Introducing Our New Leadership: Embracing Positive Change and Growth

Updated: Nov 8

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Miami, a leading nonprofit association dedicated to serving advertising industry professionals, is proud to announce the appointment of new board members to its esteemed leadership team. These new additions bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization, further strengthening its commitment to advancing the advertising community in the Miami area.

The AAF of Miami serves as a unifying voice for advertising professionals, focused on community growth and collaboration, fostering professional development, and advocating for excellence in the industry and interests of its members.

"We are thrilled to welcome these exceptional individuals to our board," said Rebecca Rovirosa-Capote, President of the American Advertising Federation of Miami. "Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will contribute to our mission of supporting our members through professional development, advocating for excellence and diversity in the industry, and growth through collaboration. By welcoming these new board members, we’re bringing a range of experiences and perspectives from various sectors of the advertising industry, establishing a well-rounded and inclusive board that reflects the vibrant and diverse Miami advertising community. Their valuable insights will shape our strategic direction and ensure that the organization continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.”

The newly appointed board members are:

  1. Rebecca Rovirosa-Capote, President

  2. Desiree Bejerano, Co-Vice President/ADDY Competition Chair

  3. Jessica Arcey-Corvison, Co-Vice President/ADDY Competition Chair a

  4. Martin Ponce, Secretary

  5. Raysa Lebron, Treasurer

  6. David Mesas, Membership Chair

  7. Monica Davila, Communications Chair

  8. Bre Fernandez, Programs Chair

  9. Grizele de Los Reyes, Education Chair

  10. Venessa Rojas, Event Chair

  11. Carla Villani, Co-Event Chair

  12. Milton Lebron, Creative Chair

Through their contributions, the AAF will continue to support its members by providing valuable networking opportunities, educational programs, mentorship initiatives, and scholarships for aspiring advertising professionals.

For more information about the AAF Miami and its new board members, please visit [Website:]. Connect with AAF Miami on Instagram at [@aafmiami], Linkedin ( and on Facebook at [AAFMiami] for the latest updates and industry news.

About the American Advertising Federation of Miami:

The American Advertising Federation of Miami is a passionate group of advertising industry leaders dedicated to serving its members. It provides a platform for professional development, government relations, advertising education, mentorships, student scholarships, and recognition of excellence. AAF Miami is part of the AAF 4th District, representing nearly 1,000 members across Florida and the Caribbean, and is affiliated with AAF National, headquartered in Washington, DC.

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