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As a proud member of the AAF 4th District, we're connected to 19 local federations spanning Florida and the Caribbean,  representing 1,000 members. But it doesn't stop there – we're also part of the AAF National family,  with headquarters nestled in the heart of Washington DC.


We are dedicated to safeguarding and advancing the interests of the advertising industry. This mission is achieved through a unique and nationwide network that collaborates with advertisers, agencies, media firms, local advertising clubs, and college chapters, working together to promote the well-being of advertising.


We are the harmonizing voice of the advertising industry, and when you join AAF Miami, you're not just getting involved locally; your impact echoes all the way to the nation's capital. You become a part of one of the world's largest and most esteemed advertising communities with a rich history that spans generations.


Join us in shaping the future of advertising on a grand scale!

AAF Miami isn't just a local chapter;
we're part of something bigger! 

The Board of Directors

The heartbeat of AAF Miami’s success pulses through its Board of Directors. Each committee boasts a dynamic Chair leading a team of handpicked members, even potential student volunteers eager to make their mark. At the local level, these committees receive expert guidance and unwavering support from district liaisons. But here's the secret sauce – all these committees are more than just isolated groups. They're a tightly woven network, joining forces, collaborating, and being each other's greatest resource, all driven by a shared passion and common goals.

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